Normally I prefer to eat my cake, but this time I'll be standing on it, in The Wedding Topper for Towne Street Theater's 10th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival! The show is at the Stella Adler Theater. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

The festival is double cast, so I'm not in every show. To be sure you'll catch me on the big cake get your tickets for: - 8 pm Thursday, April 5th - 8 pm Saturday, April 7th - 8 pm Friday, April 13th - 4 pm Sunday, April 15th - 8 pm Saturday, April 21st - 8 pm Friday, April 27th - 4 pm Sunday, April 29th

As of today Quitters! podcast is officially one year old!  When the idea for Quitters was first conceived back in 2015, I never imagined I would be one before the first episode even aired.  I mean the whole point was to placate my science mind with data on how the people I'd admired for so long did what they did.  I wanted to inspect and dissect them out of morbid curiosity (and awe).  I mean it all just felt so mystical, or rash, from behind the safety of my desk.

But I was so distracted by comedy and performing (and squeezing it into every available moment outside of work) that I didn't have time to conduct the interviews.  It wasn't until I definitively decided I would quit my job and move to LA that I found the time.  (I'm pretty sure it was out of sheer terror.)  And even then, I only managed to get two on the books.  There was just way too much comedy to be done and my passion was driving me forward - logic be damned.

Fast forward a year and a half and there I sat.  No job, new city, no shows, and ostensibly all the time in the world.  But what good would the data do me now?  The damage was already done.  I'd done the unthinkable.  I'd lept.  But "content is king" they say.  And I wasn't making anything.  So what did I have to lose?

My sense of isolation and fear is what.  With each new interview, I find out just how much of a shared experience the quit is, no matter how different the passion.  We're all just learning to trust and listen to ourselves.  And we all get scared along the way.  So while it's no less mystical a year in, I perhaps have made the transition from skeptic to mystic.

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Sunday, March 18th marked my 4th improviversary!  That morning I found what had at one point been a jam-packed day now completely open.  Come that afternoon I'd never been happier about a barrage of cancellations.  Because thanks to my friend Mary Rachel, I got a call to fill in on Jennah Brittany and Jemel McWilliams' Working with Bae sketch series.

I had such a blast on set with everyone.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my 4th year in comedy!  I'll be sure to share the link with you once it goes live.

the haps between the snacks