An all-nighter in the name of sketch

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

As I’m sure you all know – I’m always looking for an excuse to stay up all night.  I mean, who can resist showing their Fitbit what for!  So when I got asked to participate in a show called Up All Night, it seems only fitting that I would say yes.  And I did.  Now, Up All Night is more than just the name -or a Christina Applegate sitcom- it’s the premise of the whole darn show.  It’s a sketch show that is written entirely in the 24 hours leading up to its performance.  Yes, I said written.  And yes, I said yes.

“But Alyssa, writing makes you anxious.”  Yes, yes it does.  But they say it’s to be done via the improv to sketch method.  So it’ll all be fine.  I’m a pro at staying up till the most ungodly hours, and I enjoy improv, so what’s a little writing sprinkled in there?  I mean I’m gonna be with some super fun people and I love a challenge.  Right?  Right!…

See how this all shakes out this Thursday night (feb 4th), 9pm, at Philly Improv Theater!

the haps between the snacks