I'm in Drew's monologue show this month

Guys I don’t know what I’m doing to myself.  I call it challenging myself.  But my brain doesn’t process it that way.  My brain just sees incoming threats.  Either way, I’ve put myself on the hook to write again.  But this time it’s all on me.  No ensemble effort to hide my misgivings like Up All Night (which was an absolute blast I might add).  Because this time, it’s a monologue show.

Thankfully if I fall flat on my face there are a lot of other awesome people in this show to erase my act from your memory – like: my Masher teammates Sue Nelson and Pim Van HuYkelom; and awesome philly comedians: Andrea Susnick, Brian Rumble, Emma Needleman, Katie Cwirko, Steven Holland, Patric Ciervo, and of course Dru Kramcsak!

Catch Monologues with Brought To You By… this Friday night at 9pm!

the haps between the snacks