So Hot It's Not Funny 2016 Charity Calendar is Here!

This super fun comedy pinup calendar is the brain child of the lovely Sam Abrams and the ever exuberant Alex Gross.  I’m beyond excited that I was invited to be one of the 13 Philly comedians featured in it.  If the rambunctious laugh riot of a time had at the photo shoot is any indication, we’re all in for a big treat!  The calendar is currently available for pre-order for $10 through Alex*.  What’s more, all proceeds go to Autism Speaks.  So if you’re feeling extra philanthropic feel free to toss in more than a Hamilton.

For added encouragement allow me to pitch you with this: legs.  While it is generally believed that I have legs.  And considering people see me walk about daily (to and from snacks), that’s a pretty fair assumption.  But the number of people that have actually seen them in the flesh is a pithy few.  So this right here is your chance to catch them in all their mythical glory!  Grab a 2016 So Hot It’s Not Funny calendar and you can cherish them forever! …or at least a month.

*Please note: As of right now the calendar is only available for pickup in Philly.

the haps between the snacks